FAQs About Having Helical Piers Inserted To Support Your Foundation

Has your home's foundation been sinking or shifting? If so, you may want to call a foundation repair company — such as CXC Contracting. One solution that they are likely to recommend is having helical piers inserted into and beneath your foundation. These piers will help support your foundation, correct its current shifting, and also prevent the foundation from shifting or sinking more substantially in the future. Here are some questions homeowners often have about having helical piers installed in their foundation.

Essential Commercial Plumbing Upgrades For A Modern Business Building

Commercial building owners must keep up with the times, which can involve upgrading their facilities. One area that is often overlooked but crucial to the overall efficiency of a building is its plumbing system. From water management to waste disposal, several upgrades can significantly impact your property's sustainability and functionality. Water Efficiency Upgrades Installing low-flow toilets and urinals is a common solution for those looking to improve a building's water efficiency.

Questions You May Have Before Having A Wood Fence Installed

Wood fences continue to be one of the most popular types of fencing. Wood is a natural, eco-friendly material that won't pollute the planet as it breaks down. It's readily available and easy to build with, and repairing wooden fences is not that hard. But in spite of how popular wood fencing is, most people are not all that familiar with the process of having it installed. Here are a few questions you might want to be answered before your own wooden fence is installed.

DIY Solutions For A Clogged Toilet And When To Call The Plumbing Contractor

A clogged toilet can be a terrible inconvenience at home, especially at night or during weekends. The good news is that you can use a few DIY strategies to unclog your toilet. Most of these DIY strategies are simple, and you only need a few household supplies. However, if your toilet is still clogged after attempting these DIY strategies, ask a plumbing contractor to check it. Here are two of those strategies.

3 Unique Patio Rock Design Ideas

There's something special about creating a patio design out of rocks. Rocks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so you'll never be short on ideas for what to do with them. They also look great when arranged in various patterns or used to create pathways. This article highlights three unique patio rock designs that will surely inspire your next outdoor project. The Classic Cobblestone Pathway This is one of the most popular rock designs for patios and outdoor walkways.