Questions You May Have Before Having A Wood Fence Installed

Wood fences continue to be one of the most popular types of fencing. Wood is a natural, eco-friendly material that won't pollute the planet as it breaks down. It's readily available and easy to build with, and repairing wooden fences is not that hard. But in spite of how popular wood fencing is, most people are not all that familiar with the process of having it installed. Here are a few questions you might want to be answered before your own wooden fence is installed.

How will the fence posts be kept secure?

In other words, how will the fence installers ensure the wooden fence posts don't wiggle around and tilt after they are driven into the soil? In most cases, they will do this by setting the posts in concrete. They'll dig the post hole, pour some concrete into that hole, and then add the fence post to the hole. The concrete will harden and hold the fence post in place. It also forms a barrier between the fence post and the soil, which helps prevent the fence post from rotting.

What happens to the dirt from the post holes?

Usually, the fence installers will leave the dirt behind, and you'll need to figure out what you want to do with it. They will typically leave it in a pile for you. Some people use it to build up their flower beds or fill up low spots in their yards.

Will they paint or finish the fence for you?

Most fencing companies will not paint or finish the fence -- at least not immediately. Fences are often made from green wood, and it needs to age before a sealer, finish, or paint can be applied to it. If you paid for finishing as a part of your fence package, the company might be planning on returning in a few months to a year to finish your fence. If you did not pay for finishing, then you will either have to finish the wood fence yourself or hire a separate company to finish it. If you look over your quote and are still unsure of whether the price you were quoted includes finishing, call the fence company and ask.

With these questions answered, you should feel better prepared for wood fencing installation on your land. Before long, your yard will be nicely fenced in, and you'll get to enjoy that new fence every day.