3 Minor Handyman Projects That Can Make a Big Impact on Your Home

After living in your home for months or years, you may grow interested in projects that improve your satisfaction. The exciting part is that you can accomplish this goal in many ways. While you can take on major projects, you might want to start with minor ones. An excellent solution is to hire a handyman who can work on a few projects that can make a big impact on your home.


Depending on the hardware you decide to change, you can improve functionality in a minor or major way. For instance, you can go from a standard kitchen faucet to a touchless one that allows your family to wash their hands and run water without touching a faucet handle.

Changing the hardware in the kitchen, bathrooms, and other rooms throughout the house will make your home look, feel, and function differently. A smart move is to replace all the door knobs and locks with ones you actually like. One option is to invest in smart locks for all exterior doors to improve accessibility and maximize security.

Changing cabinet and drawer hardware can make a clear impact on usability. Large knobs and pulls are easier to grab onto to pull open cabinets or drawers. Also, fingers and hands are less likely to touch cabinet doors with large hardware, so dirt and oils will not get on the surface.


Painting the ceiling, trim, doors, and walls will improve looks, especially when replacing old paint and outdated colors. For instance, you can use this as an opportunity to start a new color scheme in your home based on what your family prefers. This practical choice will instantly boost your family's satisfaction while inside the house.

Simultaneously, you can prioritize specific paint finishes according to your family's needs. A great example is choosing glossier paint for your kids' bedrooms to ensure easy cleanup.


Installing trim is a viable strategy to add or boost character in your home. For instance, you can get a handyman to add crown molding or baseboards in a couple of rooms or everywhere. The tricky part is deciding what color you want the trim to be, as it will impact appearance. A reliable option is a neutral color like white because it allows you to confidently use bold colors elsewhere.

Hire a handyman to work on these projects to enjoy impactful improvements without having to take on major undertakings yourself.