Solar Power Can Be A Good Way To Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Solar power can be an excellent way to help lower your carbon footprint, lower your utility bills, and make sure you have power, even if the power grid goes down. If you are interested in getting a solar power system, you need to talk to a solar contractor about what the system will need and what installing the panels will require.  

Proper Angle

Solar panels can't be installed randomly on the property or the roof. The goal is to place the panels in the best position to get the most sunlight to generate as much power as possible. That means the installer will need to evaluate your house to determine the best positioning for the panels.

In the northern hemisphere, the solar panels should face south since that will get the most sunlight. However, pointing due south might not be the best option depending on where you live. The installer will also have to ensure that the panels are set to a proper angle on the roof. The contractor will have formulas that they can use to figure out the best location and best angle for the panels on your house or property.


Solar power is a direct current (DC). Your house's electrical system is alternating current (AC). The two types of systems don't like to play well together. An inverter is a necessary part of your solar power system because the inverter changes the power from DC to AC and thus becomes usable. The inverter is usually one of the last parts of the system, whether you have a battery bank set up or not because the inverter needs to change the current no matter what. Batteries banks don't need to have an inverter in front of them because they are also direct current, so getting power from the sun won't damage the batteries.

Make sure you talk to the solar contractor you are working with about whether or not a battery bank would be a good idea for you and your setup. If you want to have more of your power come from solar, then it might be a good idea to have a battery bank. 

If you want a solar power system, you need to ensure that you are doing everything right. Your contractor can help ensure that your panels are set to the correct angle and that your system is set up to store power and power your house.