Should You Get A Home's Roof Inspected Before Buying It?

There are many reasons why a homeowner may want to waive an inspection before buying a house. After all, if everything looks good, why take on the extra cost of hiring an inspector to tell you what you already know. Additionally, an inspection also takes time which can delay the conclusion of the sale.

However, many people who've waived a home inspection in the past have ended up regretting this decision. The roof, in particular, should be inspected before you decide that a house is yours. There is a lot at stake where the roofing is involved.

Problems Could Have Been Painted Over

One situation that a new homeowner will not want to deal with is a roof that had problems that were painted over. A fresh coat of paint can be very deceptive. You might even be tempted to think the roof is brand new. However, this coat of paint could be hiding the fact that the roof is really old. It could also be hiding smoke stains from a recent chimney fire. Either way, don't be fooled by a roof that looks brand new.

Homeowners May Be Unaware of Roof Problems

As a buyer, you may want to waive a roof inspection because you trust the seller. Perhaps you're buying from a friend or a relative. However, inspecting a house before you buy isn't just about trust. Quite often, homeowners will be unaware of the problems in certain parts of the house.

An elderly homeowner, for example, may not have been up in the attic for years. This means that they'll probably have no idea if the place is infested with mold because of a leaking roof. Although you may want to believe the seller, they are sometimes unaware of what they're talking about.

An Inspection Costs Less Than a New Roof

If you're thinking of waiving an inspection because it will add an unnecessary cost to an already expensive process, you should remember that regardless of how much the inspection cost, it will still be less than the cost of a new roof.

It may seem like an extreme example, but you may find yourself having to replace the roof of your new house after a few months or years if you uncover a problem after the sale has concluded. Even the cheapest roof will still cost you thousands of dollars to install, and extensive repairs aren't cheap either. For more information, talk to companies like Vacinek Plumbing Heating & Roofing.