Building A New House? 3 Finishes To Talk To Your General Contractor About

Having a house built is a really fun way for you to live in a house that really represents you, your personal style, and all of your wants and needs. After you have picked the big things like your house's layout, the paint colors, and cabinetry, there are lots of details for you to choose. To make sure that you get the exact house that you want the first time around, this article will discuss three specific finishes for you to talk to your general contractor about. Are you ready to learn more? If so, then read on. 


Skirting, or baseboards, can really help accentuate your floors and walls if you have them done right. One trend that's really popular right now is baseboards that have a variety of different layers to them and that really make a statement. For instance, you could get skirting that has a lot of curves and detail which will help add a different kind of visual appeal to your house. Before your contractor nails in the skirting, make sure that they hold it up for you to make sure that you really like it. 


Another trend that's really popular right now is wainscoting. Wainscoting is when you add wood boards to your drywall to create a design, some dimension, and some texture. One of the most fun things about wainscoting is that it comes in a variety of different styles. For instance, there's board and batten, bead board, and traditional wainscoting. Depending on the style of house that you have, you and your contractor can choose the kind of wainscoting that best matches it. If you have big entryway or staircase, consider adding the wainscoting all over the wall to create a statement piece. Additionally, you can also talk to your contractor about wrapping wainscoting around your kitchen island; that way it ties in with the rest of your house to create the ultimate chic look. 


You may think that as long as your doorframes have doors hanging from them that you are good-to-go, but there are a variety of different styles of doors for you to choose from. Make sure that you invest in a style of door that matches the rest of your house and goes with your skirting. For instance, if you go with intricate skirting, then consider having intricate details added to your doors so that they all match.