Vinyl Siding Does Have Some Benefits Over Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding has become quite popular in recent years. Customers like that it is very fire-resistant and comes with a long warranty period. Many customers are now choosing fiber cement over vinyl siding, and in some cases, that decision is warranted. However, vinyl siding is not going anywhere, either — and there are plenty of cases in which it may still be a better choice than fiber cement siding. Here are some of the core advantages vinyl siding has over fiber cement.

Vinyl siding is more affordable.

Fiber cement siding typically costs significantly more than vinyl siding. Will its longevity cancel this out? Often it will, but if you're on a tight budget up-front, knowing the more expensive siding will last a few more years doesn't really change that. Vinyl siding is significantly more affordable and will allow you to side your house on a smaller budget. If you don't want to go into debt on your siding, or you have other things to spend your money on, vinyl is the way to go.

Vinyl siding is easier to replace and repair.

You may have more problems with pieces of vinyl siding cracking or breaking over the years. But when this happens, vinyl siding is easy to repair. The contractor can just remove the damaged siding and pop a new piece into place. Fiber cement siding may not need as many repairs, but when repairs are needed, they are more demanding and time-consuming to make.

Vinyl siding comes in more style options.

There are multiple color options available with fiber cement siding, but all of this siding does tend to have the same, wood-like texture. If that's not what you want, then you may be happier with vinyl. There are some wood-grain vinyl siding choices, but there are also plenty of smooth vinyl siding options. Some vinyl siding is made to look like cedar shakes, and some is made to look like brick. You can even find vertical vinyl siding, which has a whole different look. 

Vinyl siding is lightweight.

If you ever have to store an extra carton of replacement siding, you'll be glad you chose vinyl. Fiber cement is quite heavy to move around. Vinyl, by comparison, is really lightweight and easy to move.

If the benefits above pique your interest, reach out to a vinyl siding company to learn more. They can give you a quote, which you can compare to your quote for fiber cement.

Reach out to a company like America's Best Choice Siding and Windows (ABCNWA) to learn more.