Business Owners: Why Is Your HVAC System So Noisy?

If your company provides the best customer service in your community, you want to ensure everything in your building is clean and presentable. You also want to keep your building's noise levels down. But if your HVAC system runs louder than usual, it's time to call a general contractor for help. Your HVAC system may need servicing. Learn more about noisy commercial HVAC systems and how a general contractor can fix your system below.

Why Is Your HVAC System So Noisy?

Your HVAC system plays a crucial role in keeping your building and occupants comfortable during the year. But in order for your HVAC system to operate properly, you must maintain it. If you don't take good care of your HVAC system, it can experience a number of issues over time, including noise.

Several things can make your HVAC system seem louder than usual. Your building's air ducts may be full of dust and other debris. If air can't move through your building's ducts freely, it can rattle inside and make other noises throughout the day.

The cooling unit on your roof may also become noisy over time. Rooftop HVAC systems rely on anchors to keep them in place on a roof. If the bolts holding the anchors on your rooftop unit loosen up or fall out, the unit will shake or vibrate when it comes on. If you hear vibrations or shaking sounds on your roof, it may be due to loose anchors and bolts.

The explanations above are just some of the things that could make your HVAC system sound noisy. A general contractor can locate and repair the source behind your loud HVAC system.

How Can a General Contractor Help?

In order to find the source or sources behind your noisy HVAC system, a general contractor will need to troubleshoot every component in the system. The first thing a contractor may do is check your air ducts to see if they contain large quantities of debris. If the air ducts in your building contain blockages, a contractor may suction them out with a vacuum. 

If a general contractor doesn't find anything wrong with your air ducts, they'll check the unit on your roof. A contractor may need to replace or tighten the bolts on your unit's anchors to keep them from shaking or vibrating on the roof.

A contractor may take the opportunity to check the panels on your rooftop unit as well. Panels can lose screws over time. The panels may vibrate or come loose from the sides of the unit. Loose panels can also allow water to slip inside the unit and damage it. If the unit becomes damaged, you may need to replace it.

If you need immediate services for your HVAC system, contact a general contractor today.