How to Handle Your Company's Plumbing

Commercial plumbing is a topic you need to pay attention to if you are the owner or the manager of a commercial building. Not knowing some basic things about plumbing can quickly get you into a serious situation. There is some great information here that can serve as a good starting guide when it comes to you learning more about the topic of commercial plumbing. 

Drains should be cleaned routinely

You want to stay on top of having your drains cleaned. A good route to go is to have them cleaned with the use of a hydro jet cleaning system. The hydro jet will blast water through the drains and the plumbing pipes in a way that causes buildup to break free from the sides of the drain and the pipes. If the plumber doesn't feel hydro jetting is the way to go, they will have another way to clean the drains. However, you don't want to neglect this maintenance because it can lead to bad backups and other problems. For example, if there is a floor drain in your restroom facility that is clogged, then a backed-up toilet can run over and the restroom will flood, and the water will eventually come out of the restroom and damage the flooring and cause water damage. 

Leaks should be fixed immediately

When anything is leaking, even if it is a faucet, you want to be sure you have it repaired right away. Not only can leaks get worse, to the point where they can cause problems like water damage, but they can also increase your business location's water bill. If you have several leaks, then the amount you pay can go up by a noticeable amount. 

Clear communications should take place

You need to have a system in order that allows everyone working for you to alert the person in charge of dealing with things like plumbing systems promptly. Even the people you have hired to come in during off-hours to clean need to have a simple and effective way of providing the right person with information on things like plumbing issues since they are in a good position notice such problems due to the nature of their jobs. They are the ones cleaning the toilets, the sinks, and other areas where they may find problems others don't give a second thought to. Once the person in charge receives notice of plumbing issues, they should have a plumber come out right away to make sure the issue is taken care of.

For more information about commercial plumbing services, contact a local plumber.