Pre-Remodel Basement Foundation Inspection Guide

When it comes time to finish your basement, there are likely going to be some repairs and improvements that need to be done before you get started. Therefore, you will want to do a thorough foundation inspection. This will help you locate problems and have them repaired before you start investing in remodeling your basement. The following basement foundation inspection guide will help you find the problems that need to be repaired before you invest in finishing and remodeling:

Inspect the Drainage System for Problems That Cause Water Pressure Problems and Allow Moisture to Get In

The first area that you will want to inspect is the foundation drain tiles and storm drainage on the exterior of your home. Sometimes, these drain systems can become clogged with debris and need to be cleared to ensure water drains away. The problem could also be due to old, failing materials like clay drain tiles that crack, collapse and develop leaks, and these problems can cause the foundation drain system to fail and moisture to get into your basement.

Look for the Obvious Signs of Settling Problems and Damage to the Exterior Finishes Around Your Home

Settling can be a serious structural problem, and sometimes it is due to soft soils, water problems, or structural failures. These problems are often visible in exterior finishes like siding and masonry. If there are cracks and obvious signs of settling on the exterior finishes of your home, you are going to need to have foundation repairs done to correct these problems before finishing your basement.

Cracks in Basement Interior Due to Poor Drainage and Static Water Pressure From Groundwater

There may also be cracks on the interior of your basement, which are usually due to poor drainage and static water pressure. The damage to the foundation walls will need to be repaired and inspected routinely to ensure they last. In addition, improvements to the drainage on the exterior of the foundation and upgrades to the foundation waterproofing systems may also be needed to prevent future problems due to static water pressure.

Failing Waterproofing and Interior Drainage Causing Moisture to Get in Through the Foundation

The interior of your foundation is also going to need improvements before finishing the basement. These improvements should start with waterproofing and include foundation drainage systems that are connected to the basement sump pump well that pumps wastewater out of the basement. In addition, consider options for more water-resistant finishes in the design of your basement remodeling project.

These are some of the problems that you are going to want to look for before you invest in finishing and remodeling projects in your basement. If you are ready to start adding space to your home with basement remodeling, contact a residential foundation repair service to have these problems fixed first.