Just a Few Benefits of Buffing Your Commercial Floors

If you own or operate a business in a commercial facility, you may have either concrete, tile, vinyl, or wood floors. The most common method for keeping these types of floors clean involves sweeping and moping. While this will be done at least daily, you should also have the floors buffed on a regular basis. You may not think buffing is important, but it is. Here are just a few benefits you will receive when you make sure to have the floors buffed every month or so.

Better Look

A buffed floor looks good; it will be glossy and shiny. Customers will get the impression that you care about the appearance of your business and want the respect of your customers when they see how well-maintained your floors are. Even if you have the floors mopped nightly, they are not going to be as nice looking as when they are buffed on schedule.

Cleaner Floors

No matter how well and often you sweep and mop, dirt and grime are going to be embedded in the flooring. Buffing not only increases the gloss and shine, but it also removes dust and other embedded debris. This will keep the floor cleaner and looking better when it is mopped. 

Longer Flooring Lifespan

Because dirt, grime, and even dust embedded in the flooring will cause it to break down faster, having it buffed to remove these tiny particles will increase how long you can go without replacing it. You can also use products that will add a layer of protection to the floor before it is buffed. If you were to add this product and not buff the floor, the product will remain tacky for a while making dust and dirt stick to it and cause more damage than if there were no protection at all.

Although buffing a floor is not difficult to do, it is time-consuming and does require a bit of strength to operate the buffer. You should probably hire a professional company to buff the floors regularly. This can be done after business hours when there are no customers. In addition to a crew who will be able to get the job done without struggling with the equipment, having professionals come ensures that any problems will be noticed and addressed before they become something major. Your average employee is not going to have the knowledge or experience to do what is best for the floors. For more information, speak with a company like General Plating.