Three Advantages Of Seamless Steel Siding

Your home's siding is one of the most important lines of defense along the outside of your home, acting as a physical barrier that keeps the exterior temperature, moisture, and pests out of your home's interior. Seamless steel siding is a unique type of home siding that is made out of a single piece of steel. This unique method of construction, when combined with the material advantages of steel, gives seamless steel siding a number of advantages over other types of siding. Understanding the advantages associated with seamless steel siding can help you decide if it is the right fit for your home's needs.

Leak Reduction

The main advantage of choosing seamless steel siding for your home is the fact that there is an extremely low chance that a leak will develop, preventing interior water and mold growth from occurring. This is because seamless steel siding comes in a single large roll that is cut on site during the installation process to provide a single, seamless piece of siding. Beyond water, pests and wind will not be able to get beneath your siding, making other types of damage much less likely as well.


Another major advantage associated with seamless steel siding is the fact that it is capable of withstanding a great deal of physical trauma without breaking or otherwise becoming damaged. This means that falling branches, pieces of debris, hail, and other environmental factors will not cause cracking or holes in your siding, reducing your long-term maintenance and repair costs for the exterior of your home. Steel is also highly resistant to fluctuations in temperature, and will not expand or contract with the change in the seasons. This helps reduce the risk of warping, bubbling, cracking, and other forms of environmental damage which may manifest themselves.

Speed of Installation

As already mentioned, seamless steel siding is cut on-site into panels that directly fit each side of your home. This greatly speeds up the installation process, as time does not have to be taken to fix panels together securely to cover a large area of your house's exterior: instead, a single panel is affixed at a time, which helps reduce the amount of disruption that your home experiences while being worked on. This installation procedure also means that seamless steel siding is ideal for irregular and especially large homes, which may have trouble or require more intensive installation processes with traditional seamed sections of siding.

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