Reasons To Choose An Aluminum Dock For Your Cottage Instead Of A Wooden One

If you're a new cottage owner and envision your family enjoying such activities as boating, fishing, and swimming, you'll need to buy a boat dock and install it. The dock is integral to these enjoyable activities and others — you'll tie your boat to the dock, stand on the dock to fish, and sit on the dock as you watch your children swim. When you're evaluating different dock options, you'll commonly need to choose between a wooden one and one made of aluminum. Here are some reasons to strongly consider an aluminum model.

It Doesn't Require Maintenance

One of the detrimental aspects of a wooden dock is that you'll need to perform a series of maintenance tasks on a regular basis. Stripping off flaky paint, sanding the wood smooth, and repainting it are all tasks that you may need to perform on a semi-regular basis. This process can be time consuming and take away from your relaxation time at the cottage. With an aluminum dock, maintenance isn't an issue. While you might need to tighten the occasional bit of hardware, the dock won't need painting or sanding.

More Pleasant Underfoot

While there's little question that wooden docks can feel nice when you're in bare feet, this won't always be the case. As the dock ages throughout the years, the wood can become rough underfoot. This is especially the case if you haven't taken a vigilant approach to maintaining the deck boards. Given that your family members will frequently be barefoot on the dock, especially during activities such as swimming and sunbathing, the risk of splinters is high. There will be no such risk if you get an aluminum dock, however, as its smooth surface won't lead to this sort of injury.

It Will Last Longer

Water and wood don't mix very well, which means that a wooden dock has a finite lifespan. Over time, the water will slowly rot the dock. While you'll get lots of years out of this structure if you take proper care of it, the reality is that the wood will eventually break down and you'll be left with needing to dispose of the old dock and buy and install a new one. If you choose an aluminum dock right off the bat, you won't have to fret about how long the dock will last. Aluminum is significantly more resilient than wood, which means that you'll get a long life out of your dock — it may even be standing when you eventually sell the cottage.