How To Paint Ceilings More Effectively

Painting your ceiling is the hardest part of an interior paint job. The logistics and physical nature of trying to paint a ceiling make it much more complicated. Some people trying to avoid painting the ceiling when they are changing their interior wall colors, but it is definitely something you should do when repainting the rest of your walls. If you use these tips and techniques, you can paint your ceiling like a pro:

Don't Use a Ladder

Most people make a few basic mistakes when it comes to painting a ceiling. They often think that they need to get up on a ladder and as close to the ceiling as possible. But, getting really close to the ceiling just makes it more difficult to see what you are doing. Also, standing on a ladder is much more exhausting than standing on a floor. You have to balance on the thin steps, and you have to tweak your neck to see what is going on. The paint will also drip right down on your head if you are on a ladder painting the area right above your head. Instead, you want to try to paint as much of your ceiling as possible from the floor.

Use Painter's Extension Poles

Using a painter's extension pole is the only way to go. A telescoping pole works best. You can buy painter's poles for less than $50. A nice investment for a very useful tool to have around your house. These poles have universal screw mounts that work with most paint rollers. When you have a pole, you can stand at an angle, slightly behind the section of the ceiling you are painting. This way paint is not constantly dripping in your hair and eyes during the job.

Mask Off Your Walls

When you do paint from your floor, using a pole and rollers, you need to do more extensive masking off. Paint is going to drip and fall onto the floor, so you should cover every square inch. You should also cover all of your windows, doors, and air vents. If you are going to end up painting your vertical walls once the ceiling is done, you don't need to worry about ceiling paint getting on them. But, if you are just painting your ceilings and nothing else, you will need to mask off all of your walls. This makes the job very demanding, so it is always better to just paint your ceilings right before you paint your walls.

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