Updating Your AC: Central Air Vs. Window Units

Are you sick of it constantly being hot inside your house? Are you finally ready to invest in some sort of air conditioning for your home? If so, there are a few different options available. Central air conditioning is the most popular in large homes, but smaller properties might be better suited to window AC units. This article explains the main differences between the two systems and should help you decide which will be best for your particular home.

Window Units

Window units are commonly used in the apartment buildings and small homes. If you only need to cool down one or two small rooms, these are a great option. First of all, they are very affordable and they can be self-installed. For less than $200 you can get a window unit installed and running. Of course, you might need to buy several if you have a house with multiple rooms. You will also need extra fans to circulate the air throughout your house. The cost of all this electricity usage can mount up very quickly.

Besides their obvious limitations when it comes to cooling large areas or multiple rooms, window AC units don't have as good of filtering systems as good as those on central AC systems. This is something that you should closely consider because keeping the air clean in your home should be just as important as keeping it cool. You can end up with allergens and mold issues if you air is not being filtered. Many homeowners also don't like window units because they are unsightly. They can definitely take away from your exterior style, and make your window treatments look ugly.

Central AC

Central air conditioning is obviously a much more significant investment. The initial installation cost will easily exceed $1000. Most homes will already have ducts for the heating system. The installers need to retrofit the condenser and evaporator to work with your existing furnace. But, central AC will cool your home far more efficiently, reducing your overall electricity bills.

Window units can be an acceptable short-term solution, but if you want something permanent and reliable, central AC is the way to go. The cost of running several window units throughout your house will be far more than running central AC, and they definitely won't work as well as a centralized system. If you can make it work with your budget, central AC is hard to beat.