Wood, Wood Laminate, And Metal: Which Commercial Cabinets Are Right For You?

When it comes to commercial cabinets for your office, you have a few choices. There are wood, wood laminate, and metal cabinets. There are pros and cons to each, so how do you pick the right ones? The following information should help:


Wood is solid. it will not go anywhere. Cabinets made of wood are firmly installed in the walls and cannot be removed. As long as your office does not flood to the roof, the wood will remain in perfect, durable shape for years to come. It will need a light dusting weekly, and maybe a little wood oil cleaning once a year to keep the wood from drying out and splitting.

Wood Laminate

Wood laminate cabinets appear to be solid wood, but they are not. They are layers of particle board or manufactured wood, glazed over with strips of wood laminate to make them look like the real deal. They are far cheaper than real wood, which makes them a good choice for anyone that cannot afford to stick real wood cabinets throughout the office. 

Wood laminate is not quite as durable as wood, although it is easier to care for. You can wipe it down with a lightly damp cloth, but you cannot soak it. In fact, repeated exposure to liquids will cause the laminate to peel away and warp the substrate wood underneath.


Metal cabinets are pretty common in office spaces. In fact, most commercial cabinets produced are metal, simply because they are the cheapest material to transform. Both wood laminate and metal cabinets have the option of not being secured to walls so you can rearrange them at will. 

If the metal gets dented or bent out of shape, it does not take much to bend them back into shape. Repairs to metal cabinets are quick and easy, so much so that you could repair them yourself. They are also the easiest to clean and the most worry-free of these options because they cannot warp, split, peel, crack, or rust.

Budgets and Time Constraints

Your cabinet budget is the main driving force between which of the above you choose. Time constraints are second most important and speak to your ability to clean and care for your cabinets. If you are crazy-busy with a tiny budget. and do not have enough time to clean coffee mug stains off of the cabinets, then you are best served by metal. 

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